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Poolside Pretty or Ready to Take a dip?

Due to the handmade and delicate nature of your Smooch swimsuit it must be treated with extra love and care.
We use some of the finest high grade fabrics, laces, ribbons, crystals and hardware so your bikini needs to be treated as such.

While some of our swimwear is suitable to be worn in a pool or the ocean, they are not all intended to be used during strenuous physical activity and shouldn’t be worn in chlorinated or salt water. 

All suits that have crystal or rhinestone hardware, crystal embellishments or chain link hardware are luxury POOLSIDE items only and are not intended for water exposure. Please note , if these guidelines are not followed, it is not the responsibility of Smooch swimwear if discoloration or deterioration occurs in these items.

ALL SUITS MUST BE HANDWASHED! Treat your suits as if they were delicate lingerie, which means use of mild soaps or detergents and cold or cold-warm water. Always rinse your suit off immediately after use and lay flat to dry.

*Please remember when purchasing florescent or brightly colored suits, colors may run slightly with initial contact with water. Do not wear your bright suits with lighter fabrics at first as color may transfer. 

 *All suits are handmade and may vary slightly.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

General Inquiries :

 House of Smooch guarantees perfection in your handmade bikini. We will exchange a faulty suit (breakage or other) within 3 months of your purchase date. The House of Smooch warranty promise applies to swimwear less than 3 months old from date of purchase. It applies to defective materials and workmanship. All items here-after will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Items not covered through our warranty process:

-Products over 3 months old from date of purchase

-General wear and tear

-Discoloration or deterioration on items NOT intended for water exposure such as hardware and crystal items.

-Discoloration due to continuous salt water and/or chlorine exposure.


*Although Smooch suits can withstand chlorine and salt water, they are not intended for continuous exposure, and/or strenuous physical activity.  Suits made with hardware or tassels are not intended for long duration chlorine or salt water exposure.